“In the church God has put all in place… those who are given the power to… direct”.

1 Cor 12:28 GNB

Avery free interpretation of the gift of administration or of directing could be “Making people tick and making things work” (D. Prior, The Message of 1 Corinthians, p223).

Many years ago a minister in a church in Durban suggested to his congregation that every believer should find some way of serving God or the community. He formed them into “Call Groups”. Each group was challenged to work together and find what God was calling them to. One group discussed the plight of the “street people” who slept in shop doorways, under bridges, and frequently had no more shelter than pieces of cardboard. In this situation there were families, children were being born and brought up. Those parents who had employment were mostly street vendors. The group found that there were plenty of children. Somewhere behind a wall was a large piece of empty ground. They got hold of an old ship’s container and started a pre-school for the street children. Today there are over a hundred children getting an early start – and lots of fun – and it’s still being organised by that same call group. That minister got people ticking – and embarking on ministries none of them had ever dreamt of before.

Are the people in your Christian community “ticking” and are things “working”? Where the Holy Spirit is at work there the yeast of love starts to ferment and things start to happen. And he does not limit himself to “in-church” activities. He is out there in the cities, villages and settlements where people are living and struggling, working and dying. Are you there?


Lord, get things ticking and working in my Christian group.