“Christ is like a single body, which has many parts; it is still one body, even though it is made up of different parts”.

1 Cor 12:12 GNB

The human body is an endless source of fascination to most people. Look at a baby’s hand and its tiny fingers look so beautiful. They are perfect but even as you look at them you know they will grow to several times their present size and become capable of many actions – and probably skills. A man once observed to a very tall friend, “Wow, look at your feet. What size do you take? Thirteen? You’d be a big tall guy if you didn’t have so much turned up at the bottom!”

Yet with all the various parts of the body, they all fit together. Paul used this “model” of a human body to teach the nature of the unity of Christ’s church. We are like different parts of a human body that has its various parts fulfilling different functions and roles. So is Christ – and we all together make up the body that is Christ – alive, working, effective, present and active. Paul does not say, “We are a unity” nor does he say, “The church is a unity”. He says “Christ is like a single body, a unity” for we are part of the body that is Christ. He is the unity whether we fit and work together or not.

Think of this in relation to your Christian fellowship, church, parish or congregation. Do everything in your power to “become what you are” by maintaining unity in love, caring and harmonising with the other believers. You are in it to serve Christ and his mission in the world, not to attain significance, power or popularity for yourself.


Lord, help our community to be one in you.