“If the foot were to say, ‘Because I am not a hand, I don’t belong to the body’, that would not keep it from being a part of the body”.

1 Cor 12:15 GNB

A few weeks ago the sports news on a British television station paid a visit behind the scenes to a project of the Everton Football Club. It showed how a group the club had set up was helping handicapped and backward children, gently enabling them to do simple physical things. It is likely that few people outside the club knew it was happening.

And things often go on unheralded and unheard of in Christian congregations. “John Henry Jowett used to tell of a servant girl in his congregation who had a deep concern for her calling as a Christian. When he asked her how she proposed to live the Christian life, she answered, ‘I haven’t much time left from my work, sir, and I can’t attend meetings at the church or even many services’. ‘What do you do?’ Jowett asked her. ‘Well, sir’ she replied, ‘I always take the newspaper to bed with me at night’. Jowett was puzzled. ‘What’s the good of that?’ ‘Well, sir, I read the birth notices and I pray for the babies that have been born. Then I read the deaths and I pray that God’s comfort may come to those sorrowing homes’” (L. Griffith, We have this Ministry, p24). The football club and the servant girl were parts of the body doing unnoticed things – and bringing glory to God.

The body of Christ has many parts and many of them function unnoticed and unheralded. But all are needed, for every part needs every other part, and Christ needs every part. Including you.


Lord, make me a useful part of your body.