“I, the Lord, have spoken to you from heaven”.

Ex 20:22 GNB

“What does God want to teach us today from the Ten commandments? Some talk as if there is nothing for modern people to learn from them, but that is not so. Though more than three thousand years old, this ancient piece of divine instruction is a revelation of God’s mind and heart for all time.

The Commandments show what sort of people God wants us to be. From the list of prohibitions, we learn the behaviour he wishes and loves to see. What does God in the law say “No” to? Unfaithfulness and irreverence to himself, and dishonour and damage to our neighbour. And who is our neighbour? Jesus, asked that question, replied, in effect, everyone we meet. So what does God want us to be? Persons free of these evils; persons who actively love the God who made them and their neighbours, whom he also made, every day of their lives; persons, in fact, just like Jesus, who was not only God’s eternal Son but also his perfect man. A tall order? Yes, but it should not cause surprise that our holy Creator requires us to reflect his moral glory. What else could possibly please him?

Rightly, those who rethought the Christian faith at the time of the reformation four hundred years ago, did not separate God’s law from God himself, but thought of it personally and dynamically, as a word that God is continually publishing to the world through Scripture and conscience, and through which he works constantly in human lives. The law of God is given to us to maintain order in society, to convince us of sin, and to spur us on to obedience” (J.I. Packer, Keeping the Ten Commandments, p109).


Lord, help me to keep your law.