“I am expecting (Timothy) along with the brothers”.

1 Cor 16:11 NIV

There are plenty of Christian ministers and leaders who are individualists. They work well on their own and don’t like to share the stage with anyone else. There are similar personalities in every walk of life. There are others who feel that part of their leadership role is to help other people to bring their gifts and skills into the scene as well. As they bring juniors along, they in their turn build another segment of the community and bring in something different to the “the boss”. When this happens in a Christian community it all brings glory to the Lord and multiplying strength to the church.

We do not know who “the brothers” were to whom Paul was referring. Were they in fact other ministers, teachers or pastoral helpers of some kind? And was Timothy already “coaching them? There was no college training for those who took up Christian leadership in those days. Team ministries are not easy. Egos are very sensitive. And the results are not measured by “the bottom line” as they are in the secular world. The only reward is the respect and love of the people you serve – and if two or more of you are competing for that regard, things can get strained.

If there is a team ministry in your Christian community be very sensitive. The older minister has to give way and let the newer person enjoy some prominence. If the younger one is a strong person the senior can feel very “pushed out”. They both need support and sensitivity from the supporting staff, encouragement from all office-bearers and especially senior people. And their families! All in the name of Christ.

Lord, cement and strengthen pastoral relationships in Christ.