“I want you to honour and look up to people like that”.

1 Cor 16:16 EHP

Most of us do look up to some people, but they are not always the one to whom we ought to be looking up. Sometimes we assess people by earthly standards, and where most of the members of a church are employees of a nearby business, we often find the church reflecting the status people enjoy in the work place, even when the “bosses” show very little of real Christian commitment.

Stephanas’ family devoted themselves to serving the people of the Christian community. Sometimes “we give leadership to those who have received one particular kind of education, who have a measure of articulacy and general ability to think and speak on their feet and are able to make speeches in meetings, thus measuring up to worldly criteria of leadership. Do we ever take with proper seriousness the perspective Paul provides on leadership as service? Jesus taught the same truth: ‘Who ever would be great among you must be your servant’ (Mt 20:26). This indicates that the authentic, solid leadership of a local church will come from people who give themselves to serving the people of God. Such leadership does not depend on education, qualifications, degrees or natural charisma. It comes from the grace of God equipping his people with gifts which enable them to be servants of others in the fellowship of believers. The whole household of Stephanas lived like that: as a family they served others – adults, teenagers, and children; master of the house and domestic servants: the elderly and the very young. … One of the most effective testimonies to the reality of the risen Christ is the servant-lifestyle of a Christian family” (D. Prior, The Message of 1 Corinthians, p284).


Lord, raise up more servant families in Christ.