“The mountains and hills may crumble, but my love for you will never end”.

Isa 54:10 GNB

We all know that the human side of existence on planet earth is an unpredictable, chancy, hazardous mixture of good and bad, an unsafe and uncertain string of events which often seem to be unconnected. But the natural world is different. It is a fairly predictable sequence of fine weather and bad, hot and cold, dry and wet. Occasionally unpleasant conditions occur when earthquakes, floods and hurricanes disrupt the set pattern. But by and large nature is reliable. And it enables human beings to plan, adjust, organize and manage the things that promote human life.

However, one of the catch-phrases of the present age has become “climate change”. Any abnormal weather pattern is attributed to this “bogey”. Life, so we are told, is going to change unless we stop polluting the air, the oceans, the rivers and the land. A ripple of fear wobbles its way through our awareness as we wonder what real threat is behind this potential danger .

No such worries troubled Isaiah, or the exiled Israelites to whom he wrote. Yet he can just allow that nature might throw up some unexpected and unprecedented change that would upset the apple -cart. The mountains and hills could conceivably crumble. But God’s love is of another order – it is beyond the realm of natural change, human frailty and historical catastrophe. It will never end – never! It is constant and continuous, devoted and dogged, faithful and firm, perpetual and persistent, staunch and steadfast. In fact, it is the only reality that is!

And in Jesus that permanence is guaranteed and demonstrated. It is as sure and steadfast now as it was when Jesus walked in Galilee.


Lord, thank you for the constancy of your love in Christ.