“You will be led out of the city in peace”.

Isa 55:12 GNB

It is often said, “Hindsight is an exact science”. We all witness that frequently. If it is easy to be wise after the event, it is very difficult to look ahead and prophesy. The weather forecasters, though, do have scientific methods of working tomorrow’s weather out.

People in the Bible were just as interested and inquisitive about the future as we are. What was going to happen? What were the leaders of nations going to do? Where were the great empires going to expand to next? What was God going to do? The great prophets lived close to God and they were guided by God’s Holy Spirit which enabled them to look into the future and “read the mind of God”. They knew the character of God. They understood his ways. And they looked at the world around them and guided their people. Today they would be called “analysts”.

Isaiah’s message from God was good news for the Israelites. They would be released from their captivity in their Babylonian exile. And it would be an occasion for celebrating God’s mighty act. And God would lead them out of Babylon “in peace”. They had arrived weary, some of them injured or ill, all of them humiliated and angry, sad and broken-hearted. But now God would act in peace – his wholeness, goodness and prosperity all working together. Some might even take a memento or two back with them. Some might even have made money that would be useful!

Go forward to future events in your life in the certainty of God’s peace in Christ. And remember, Jesus taught us to look ahead and say “Thy kingdom come”.


Lord, help me to move forward in peace and love.