“Peter spoke up, ‘Look, we have left everything and followed you’”.

Mk 10:28 GNB

Albert Schweitzer was a very talented young man. Growing up in the town of Colmar in Alsace, France, he graduated in philosophy and in theology, both of them with doctoral degrees. He then studied music and obtained a third doctorate in that, becoming an accomplished organist in his early twenties. A casual glance at a magazine in the university library attracted his attention to messages from the mission field in Africa. He read more and more. When he put the magazine down, he had made up his mind. God was calling him to take up medicine and serve in Equatorial Africa. The necessary studies saw him through to his fourth doctoral degree and off he went to begin a small hospital far away from any other such facility. On leaves back in Europe he gave organ recitals to raise money to expand his hospital at Lambarene. Like the disciples in Galilee he had left everything and followed Christ. He could have had a glittering career teaching Biblical Studies in Europe. But he “left everything”.

Many others, far less talented and distinguished, have responded to the call laid upon them. The man from Galilee still touches the hearts and lives of people, young and old, and directs them to places and kinds of service and ministry that are costly both to themselves and their families. Most of Christ’s first disciples met their deaths in the arenas with lions or by being burnt at the stake. Peter’s question asked what it was all about – wasn’t such renunciation sufficient? But much more lay in store.

Pray today for those who serve in dangerous places and those who toil with little reward.


Lord, bless and help those who have left everything.