“The one who receives instruction in the word should share all good things with their instructor’”.

Gal 6:6 NIV

The process of teaching is important. The early priests in ancient Israel were the first teachers in that community. They were the conduit through whom God communicated the truth of his word to the community. Without those teachers God and the people would not have been in touch with each other. When Paul and the other Christian apostles launched on their campaign of missionary expansion in the Mediterranean world they stayed a while and then moved on. Other teachers had to back up those initial contacts with regular, solid, unspectacular teaching in order for the new converts to learn and grow in grace.

Teaching is as important now as it was then. In countless thousands of Christian church groups teachers continue in this vital role. They open the Bible and its gospel and its God to young people in catechism classes throughout the world. They do the same for older people who have a hunger for more. People want to know what their faith is all about and how they can live more purposefully under the guidance of their creeds and the Bible.

Paul says here that those who receive instruction in the things of God should give something to those who go to all the trouble of first learning and then teaching it. Payments to apostles and teachers were a somewhat haphazard affair in his day. Guidelines for this kind of church administration had not yet been laid down. But Paul knew that if there was to be teaching those who did it had to be compensated somehow – or there would soon not be any! Pay the workers – the Bible commands it.


Lord, I have freely received, help me to give freely as well.