“The Life was Light to live by”.

Jn 1:4 EHP

How we value light. When we have it we take it for granted, but when it disappears for any reason we are all at sea. And light was the first element to be created in God’s great act of creation which the story in Genesis records. The effect of that first act of creation was to put chaos to flight. But chaos is always threatening to break in again. It comes in many forms – ignorance, conflict, war, breakdown of civilized standards, confusion, poverty and disease. And where Jesus is Lord he puts chaos to flight and brings order, hope, love, peace and joy. As William Barclay said, “Jesus is the one person who can save life from becoming a chaos” (The Gospel of John, p24).

But light also reveals. “It is the condemnation of people that they loved the darkness rather than the light; and they did so because their deeds were evil; and they hated the light lest their deeds should be censured. The light which Jesus brings is something which shows things as they are. It strips away the disguises and the concealments; it shows things in all their nakedness; it shows them in their true character and their true values. Long ago the Cynics said that people hate the truth for truth is like the light to sore eyes” (W. Barclay, The Gospel of John, p24).

The light that Jesus brings is also a guiding light. “One of the features of the gospel stories which no one can miss is the number of people who came to Jesus asking: ‘What am I to do?’ When Jesus comes into life the time of guessing and of groping is ended” (W. Barclay, p25).


Lord, be my guiding light.