“I will be fully satisfied as with the richest of foods; with singing lips my mouth will praise you”.

Ps 63:5 NIV

Offering praise is a special spiritual activity. Most of us want to know – and we ask – what benefits we will get from honouring God, from prayer, discipleship, service and ministry. Basically, that means we are selfish, looking for blessings. It reflects a “glory for me” kind of faith. That is quite childish because it means we are more interested in what we stand to gain rather than what we can give out – either to God or to his people.

Much faith is of this order. And often it is offered to disciples by teachers as being what Christianity is about – prosperity, success, happiness. However, praising God is different. When you praise you extol God, you offer him something of yourself, your effort, your love, your adoration. Discipleship to Christ brings its own satisfaction. “Concluding the story of his life as a medical missionary to Labrador, William Grenfell gave testimony to the life he had found ln following Christ. He wrote, ‘Feeble and devious as my own footsteps have been since my decision to follow Jesus Christ, I believe more than ever that this is the only real adventure in life. No step in life do I ever compare with that one in permanent satisfaction’” (The Soldier’s Armoury, 1979. p 28). But praising God brings satisfaction because it lifts you out of yourself, causes you to focus on God, and enables you to engage in one of the most spiritual activities possible. In praising you are giving, and in giving you are loving. There is no higher activity of which human beings are capable than worshipping, praising and adoring God. Try it.

Lord, let me praise you whilst ever I have breath.