“I cling to you; your right hand upholds me”.

Ps 63:8 NIV

Most of us, at some time or another, feel vulnerable. Employment uncertainty can rock the ground under our feet and make us feel extremely insecure. Conflict in the family can unsettle us and fill us with worries and anxiety. Financial difficulties can suddenly arise and threaten us with the fear of debt and being sued for non-payment. Political changes can make us feel worried about the future and make us afraid of physical violence.

The psalmist had a deep faith in God and, although the faith of Israel was a very corporate thing, this man also had a deep personal trust in God. He said, “I cling to you”. It sounds as if he was in the habit of turning strongly to God in the varying crises that attended him. He had discovered that, whatever problem rocked him, God still clung on to him and held him. He owed his outward and inward support to God. Sometimes God’s hand guides us. Sometimes it protects us. Sometimes it just holds us when we need security above everything else. God’s hand is very versatile!

Christian believers should get to know God’s hand as well. None of us is exempt from problems. They have a habit of coming up on us unawares and sometimes more than one at a time. Turn to Jesus. See the strength he showed in crises and when faced with problems. Ask him to afford you his protection, security and guidance. Be honest with him about the situation you are faced with. Ask him for strength above all things. Ask him to surround you with friends and guides and for them to be his hands to you.

Lord, hold me and bless me with your strong hand.