“On my bed I remember you; I think of you through the watches of the night”.

Ps 63:6 NIV

There is something mysterious about the night. It is dark and visibility is short and often non-existent. Dangers lurk more in the night than in the day. Fears tend to magnify in the night. And when our minds are beset with worries they tend to increase in the night. Sometimes they grow out of all proportion. And many people who plot evil carry it out during the night under cover of darkness. And sometimes as people think about their problems during the night then their brain works differently – and they wake up with solutions to those problems, wondering how they could have been so slow not to see those solutions earlier.

The psalmist spoke time without number of his enemies. And when he went to bed they haunted him in his fears and worries. But it was his enemies that tested his faith more than most other things. And then it was – during the long watches of the night, when time drags and fears multiply – that he turned to remembering that the Lord was his Saviour, friend and shield. It was then that he recalled that the God who was on his side was greater and more powerful than the forces ranged against him.

Turn and think of God when you lie and twist and turn on your bed. Remember that he cares for you more than you do for him. If when you find Jesus, or rather that he finds you, there is an experience of “seeing the light”, remember that he is always the light to shatter the dark in whatever form it enfolds you. Let him be both night and day to you.

Lord, help me through all the nights and days of my life.