“Because you are my help, I sing in the shadow of your wings”.

Ps 63:7 NIV

We all need help. Of course, there are some cocky souls who regard themselves as self-sufficient. They say, “I don’t need all this God stuff. I can get along quite all right on my own”. But life is a hazardous journey, full of pitfalls, possibilities for mistakes, and disappointments. Sometimes those who are most confident of their own self-sufficiency face the biggest falls, commit the silliest blunders, and make the most foolish mistakes.

But the man who wrote Psalm 63 was humble and wise enough to seek and accept the help of God. And it wasn’t just a one-off leg-up in a crisis. God had helped him so often that he was comfortable with God and found it normal to accept the Lord’s help. Because of this he could sing praises to God “in the shadow of your wings”. This is a phrase used more than once in the Bible. Many who contributed to the writing of the Bible had this wonderful sense of finding protection and shade under the overarching wings of God’s grace and mercy. It may be that the psalmist was referring to the corporate worship of the community in the sanctuary where he felt the sheltering presence of the Lord’s presence that moved him to sing.

Recall the help you have received from the Lord. Sometimes it will have been spiritual help. At other times it will have been help with health matters, or family issues, employment concerns or financial worries. Dwell on the memory of those various crises or problems until you glow with warmth to God. Find some way to express your gratitude to him. Never forget his mercy to you.

Lord, thank you for all you have done for me.