“Say to God, ‘How awesome are your deeds!”

Ps 66:3 NIV

Some people approach religion as if it is a “top of the mind” affair. It’s mainly an intellectual exercise. Others come with a mystical approach – it’s about getting an experience that will put them into direct contact with God and enable them to communicate with God more than other people.

Although the Bible does tell of some people having mystical experiences it gives no guidance on how to get them – they come mainly “out of the blue” as and when God chooses. Encounters with God don’t come as the end-goal of searching for him. He breaks in upon them when it suits him. Indeed, God does his deeds out in the open where all may see the awesome power at his command. This means that he is not “an impenetrable mystery… before which people bow down to the dust, overwhelmed by mystical emotions; for he has proclaimed his name before them and has revealed himself to them by his wonderful deeds, that is to say by his miraculous redemptive work which they are allowed to ‘see’ with their own eyes, so that being witnesses of ‘what God has done’ among human beings, they can testify on their part to the ‘everlasting rule of his might’” ( A. Weiser, The Psalms, p 469).

The fullness of God’s self-disclosure came in Jesus Christ. In him “the Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us. We have seen his glory, the glory of the one and only Son, who came from the Father, full of grace and truth” (Jn 1:14 NIV). He too is no “impenetrable mystery” but open for all who will to see, and to know.


Lord, thank you for the greatest of all your deeds in Jesus Christ.