“Beg for knowledge; plead for insight”.

Prov 2:3 GNB

“It was said of Henry Ford that whenever he heard people criticize the automobile he was making, he listened carefully and jotted down the criticism in his notebook. He was ready to hear, and thus he opened the way to further development in his work” (R.W. Schloerb, The Interpreter’s Bible, Vol 4, p793). The teacher of wisdom is saying that you need to do more than just learn and study wisdom. You need to ferret it out!

Some people exhibit a voracious appetite for knowledge – especially at an academic level. They get engrossed in searching for the story of the Bible. They devour books and positively feast on the teachings of great scholars, comparing and contrasting one with another. And the ancient teacher of wisdom was encouraging young learners to apply a similar hunger for wisdom to the teaching he was offering. He was saying, “It doesn’t come looking for you. You must actively, positively and deliberately go seeking for knowledge. And go on pursuing it relentlessly once you have got it”.

Christian disciples need to heed this counsel as well. Not only is there a vast field of knowledge to be explored. The knowledge has been explored many times. But also many great minds have reflected on the wisdom and gospel of God and Jesus Christ over a period of many centuries and there are masses of thoughts and insights that have accumulated during this period. Wise minds, well-informed minds, deep-thinking minds have all pored over what happened and what has transpired. They are worth examining and worth mining for new thoughts, reflections and insights. God can speak today through them all to Christian disciples and believers .


Lord, create in me a hunger for knowledge and truth about you.