“(Look for it). If you do, you will know what it means to fear the Lord and you will succeed in learning about God”.

Prov 2:4, 5 GNB

One of the rewards for those who seek wisdom – earnestly and persistently – is that they find God himself. It is natural that those who seek wisdom should find God because God is wisdom. There is no other real wisdom. Wisdom can come from no other source than from God.

It is no great surprise to find that men and women of God, disciples of Jesus, servants of the church and deeply committed and saintly Christians are wise people in many fields of thought and endeavour. For one thing, such people are disciplined in their personal habits, cherishing their bodies and avoiding dangerous activities such as excessive consumption of alcohol and drugs. Furthermore, people who seek God and find him are usually possessed of more love than those who have no faith, and this capacity enables them to relate with other people in a more wholesome way. Being motivated by love they understand other people better.

In the Old Testament to “fear the Lord” did not mean what it would today. It is not to be afraid of God the way you might be afraid of a lion or a burglar. It meant to worship God, to listen for his commands and to walk in his ways. Seeking God in the intense way the teacher of wisdom suggests you will most certainly come to know more about him – who he is, what he is like, how he works with and loves people, and how he has drawn near to the human race in Jesus Christ. So don’t be afraid of fearing the Lord!


Lord, help me to love and fear you.