“Learn what I teach you, my child, and never forget what I tell you to do ”.

Prov 2:1 GNB

When people are young they spend much time and effort learning all manner of truths and facts. Many find this journey of exploration exciting and stimulating. Some go on learning. The really wise ones never stop learning. From time to time the newspapers feature photographs of old people graduating at universities. There is always much to learn. Always new discoveries are being made, new truths are being unveiled and new ways of doing things and thinking about them are coming to light. The unwise people stop learning the day they leave school.

The university in the days when Proverbs was being written was the “gate” or public area surrounding the entrance gate to a town or city. It was where judges pronounced their judgments and where leaders debated and argued about the welfare of the community. This was where wisdom, knowledge and insights were passed on. Wise men passed on the wisdom they had learnt to younger people at this spot. Here they taught about God, about the law, about people, culture, history, love, family life and business.

Christian disciples today could learn from the advice in Proverbs. In the last forty or fifty years a new interest has grown up in the Bible and Bible study groups have sprung up in many congregations. This is to be welcomed and it needs to be understood that this is where discipleship to Christ is best learnt. It needs to have knowledgeable leaders and to follow systematic studies. The word “disciple” means a learner. Always be a disciple and go on learning of God, of Jesus and of the Bible. Until the day you die.


Lord, help me always to have an enquiring mind.