“Look for it as hard as you would for silver or some hidden treasure”.

Prov 2:4 GNB

Decades ago mining companies discovered the presence of gold in the Orange Free State, a province of South Africa. Having got some mines working and producing gold, they then explored further and further afield. Drills were set up and drilled down through solid rock. They kept at it twenty-four hours a day. And they went down thousands of feet deep. Some deposits were found over a mile down. And the drills were a familiar sight especially at night as the lights on them twinkled in the darkness. Looking for gold was serious stuff.

That’s how believers should be in searching for God – his truth, his wisdom, his way of life and his presence. The teacher of wisdom says that it’s no use thinking you can do it in an off-hand, casual way. Put your mind to it and your heart into it. Find out how the saints of old prayed to God, and how they divided their days and nights up so that they constantly sought the face of the Lord – even at three o’clock in the morning.

“Robert Stroud, who during forty years in solitary confinement became an authority on the blood of birds, recorded his discoveries in a book. In the introduction he wrote, ‘I probably do not know what I am talking about and have grave doubts whether anyone else knows anything about the subject, either: but … after 3000 hours at the microscope, I pass that nothing on to you” (The Soldier’s Armoury, 1969, p53). That is the kind of dedicated persistence that makes a scientist. No less patience is required for those who would delve into the wisdom and knowledge of God.


Lord, help me to keep looking in order to know you.