“If someone asks you why you are untying it, tell him that the Master needs it”.

Lk 19:31 GNB

T he thoughts of every Christian in the world turn today to Jerusalem and the events of Palm Sunday. It was a strange event, with references back to the Old Testament, but with the foreshadowing of the crucifixion looming ahead.

And Jesus borrowed a donkey. He often borrowed things. He was born in a borrowed stable. He borrowed the disciples’ boat to preach from – and to sleep in. He borrowed water and turned it into wine in Cana, “borrowing” a young couple’s marriage reception to perform his first miracle. And he borrowed someone else’s upper room in which to celebrate his last supper with his disciples. Then they borrowed a tomb in which to bury him. He had many needs – and seemed always to be making use of other people’s things. They even “borrowed” another man to carry his cross for him.

He had need of all his disciples. And he has need this day of you. He wants to take you and use you for his glory as he took that donkey in Jerusalem. He often uses the most unlikely of people, people the world often dismisses as weak or ill-suited for his purpose. When John Wesley returned to London from his abortive mission to Georgia in America he was a fugitive from the law and sought the help of some German Christians on the ship for his own spiritual guidance. Soon he had been taken hold of by God and was leading his “Methodists” in a great revival that spread throughout the British Isles. The Master certainly had need of him. There is no telling what he needs you for. But he knows.


Lord, take me and use me for whatever needs you choose.