“When you forgive someone for what he or she has done, I forgive them too. For when I forgive – if, indeed, I need to forgive anything – I do it in Christ’s presence because of you”.

2 Cor 2:10 GNB

The Christian church is a body of people made up of a number of factors. The Holy Spirit is a major factor and he creates the presence of Jesus Christ who is the head of the body, its Saviour and its Lord. Then there are the people with their ideas, their experiences, their fears, hopes, sins and shortcomings. In addition, there is the Bible with its message being the word of God and to which the people have access and by which they try to order their lives – beliefs, behaviour and standards. Another component is Satan who loves to get into churches and cause trouble.

Because of the interplay of personalities and the strange results that sometimes crop up and cause dissension, disagreements, ill-feeling and strife, relationships get snarled up and break down. In handling the problem of the difficult member at Corinth Paul struggled to make sure that it was all sorted out in a manner that brought glory to Christ. He coaxed them on to think about and work out reconciliation. This would involve forgiveness which would be in the Spirit of Christ. The phrase “in Christ” was one of Paul’s favourite expressions. He himself sought to live “in Christ”. The church’s worship, its spirituality, its teaching – all had to be worthy of a body that was “in Christ”.

Christ is still the standard, the Lord and the guide of every Christian church. And he should be present – you should be able to feel this in every activity and meeting.


Lord Jesus, be present in every activity in our congregation.