“When I arrived in Troas to preach the Good News about Christ, I found that the Lord had opened the way for the work there”.

2 Cor 2:12 GNB

There is a proverbial saying, “No news is good news”. That does not apply to the Good News about Jesus Christ. He was the Good News. And that Good News is what the New Testament is all about. The ancient world at the time of Jesus was dominated by many religions most of which were based on myths. But Jesus was no myth. The faith that grew up from his life and ministry was a faith based on a God who became a man and dwelt on earth, teaching about a Heavenly Father and his kingly rule, performing miracles of healing on the sick, dying as a sacrifice for people’s sins and rising again. Moreover, he sent the Holy Spirit to empower people to live lives of holiness.

Paul met Christ on the road to Damascus, believed in him and spent the rest of his life preaching the Good News. Troas was a sea port on the western coast of Asia. It was used as a crossing point of embarkation to sail westwards to Philippi in Europe. Paul speaks of God having prepared the way for him. Maybe Christian believers had settled there from elsewhere and welcomed him. It sounds as though the people welcomed him there, although little is known of his ministry there.

The gospel of Jesus Christ is Good News. It is Good News because it tells of God’s mighty love for sinful human beings. It is Good News because it tells of Jesus Christ, lifts people up, gives them hope, joy and peace. It makes them new men and women.


Lord, help us to spread the Good News of Jesus far and wide.