“And I will always guide you and satisfy you with good things”.

Isa 58:11 GNB

One of the glorious aspects of the faith of the people of the Old Testament was that in all their problems and perplexities God had a habit of calling them to look up and look forwards. They did not have to stay in the mess for ever. Time and time again he intervened in their affairs and spoke to them through their prophets, pointing them forward to the fulfilment of some promise. Through Isaiah he called on the returned exiles and the people of Jerusalem and Judah who had not been exiled to look ahead.

They were not solely at the mercy of the hostile nations around them. God, who had called them into being at the time of Abraham more than a thousand years earlier, was pointing them forward and promising his presence and his guidance. That included his protection. The nature this God had created was full of good things. They needed to appropriate them, to use them for their own benefit and to enjoy them.

That promise is something we can dwell on today. The world is full of problems, but God challenges us to surmount those problems. The world has in it some very clever people, endowed with brains by God. And solving problems is a world-wide industry. Medicine is improving. Communications are improving. Travel is getting better. Economic conditions are better than they have ever been in some areas. Standards of education are vastly superior compared with a hundred years ago. Be grateful to God. And look to the future. It is in his hands.


Lord, help me to be hopeful about the future.