“I will always be with you to save you; my presence will protect you on every side”.

Isa 58:8 GNB

Whatever people feel about the fluctuating experience of God’s favour and the struggle to find it in the tough times and circumstances that life throws up, he is present. Again and again he promises it. The reality is that our feelings and foibles do not determine his presence. That is an objective fact. God does not blow hot and cold. We do.

The ancient people were subject to many threats and problems. They had no medicine as we know it. Nor did they have the comparative luxury of electricity, telephones, radios and television. And as for computers and the internet, such marvels weren’t even dreamt of. It was a harsh world. Water had to be fetched. Enemy countries were always bringing up armies and trying to colonise the small countries. Israel was vulnerable, and the people felt it. They knew they could not make it on their own. One of God’s functions was to protect his people. They could rely on him. In a hostile world they needed all the help they could muster from whatever source. Throughout the Bible there is a common refrain from the Lord: “Do not fear”. We need that reassurance today every bit as much as they did. Bigger and more powerful weapons are now trained on us. Bombs of incalculable magnitude are waiting loaded up ready to be unleashed on just about every country on the planet. And dictators assisted by madmen seem to be increasing in this modern era. And democracies are just as capable of producing them as any other type of rule.

Trust God for refuge and strength. Put your hope in Christ.


Lord, throw your protective arms around us we pray