“The wood of the pine, the juniper, and the cypress, the finest wood from the forests of Lebanon, will be brought to rebuild you, Jerusalem, to make my temple beautiful, to make my city glorious”.

Isa 60:13 GNB

A father was presenting his eldest daughter with her twenty-first birthday present. It was a beautiful piano which she had learnt to play some years earlier. He said, “It’s a John Broadwood. They supply pianos to the royal family in London. And I reckon if it’s good enough for the queen, then it’s good enough for me”.

In Israel in 538 B.C. God was getting the Israelite people back into thinking “strong” and “good”. For nearly fifty years since the conquest of Israel by the Babylonians things had gone downhill. The few who were left in Jerusalem lived a miserable life. They were defeated and had lost their sense of vocation. Any talk of glory was totally misplaced. In fact, the Hebrew term “Ichabod” was very appropriate. It meant “the glory has departed”.

Isaiah’s aim, under God, was to get the glory back again. This description of the fine wood making the temple beautiful and the centrepiece of the restored and rebuilt city spoke of God’s glory. But it had to be done with the best wood, the finest materials, and superb craftsmanship. Only the best was good enough for God. There must be nothing shoddy, cheap or second-rate. The glory of God demanded the best – the very best.

And Christian believers need to take this hint. The Lord Jesus Christ demands the best – anything else is unbecoming of Jesus Christ. The temptation to say, “It’s for the Lord. He understands if we’re not up to scratch” is not on. Only the best for God!.


Lord, help me always to give my best for you.