“The descendants of those who oppressed you will come and bow low to show their respect. All who once despised you will worship at your feet”.

Isa 60:14 GNB

History never stands still. It is always in a state of flux, even when very few observers can see it happening. The French Revolution in 1789 led to a complete switch round in the execution of power in France. Soon other nations in Europe were bringing in sweeping changes – before they too were having their heads chopped off at the guillotine! And the African nations which were being snapped up in the “Scramble for Africa” in the nineteenth century by European colonial powers were being de-colonised even faster in the 1960’s and 70’s.

So, when the Persian emperor Cyrus came to power in the 500’s B.C. he soon set about liberating the captive Israelites in next-door Babylon. He said to them “There you are. Home you go”. And he was described as “God’s Servant” by the Israelites. And soon the Israelites were a respected nation once more, holding their heads up high in the Eastern Mediterranean. It showed what the Hebrew prophets had taught – that God wielded the ultimate power in the world and that he ordered the destiny of nations. And he can turn the tables – especially on high and mighty nations who strut the stage of history with arrogance and pride.

Things still change. Sometimes quickly, sometimes more slowly. But they are still in the hands of God. Look to him humbly and with respect for his sovereignty. Try to perceive where he is bringing change and where he is bringing nations under his sway. Believe that they are all ripe for Christ to come and claim the allegiance of many more people.


Lord, reign in secret or in the open in your world.