“Jesus sat down opposite the place where the offerings were put and watched the crowd putting their money into the temple treasury”.

Mk 12:41 NIV

Some people think that money is inherently dirty. Money is neutral. People can do dirty things with money, evil things, selfish things. Some murder for money, others steal it, go to prison for it. Others express Love with it, care for others, glorify God with it, build industrial empires. With it, multiply it and provide jobs with it, build schools, hospitals and Churches with it. For many people money is a great temptation.

Jesus often talked about money. He knew it was important. He probably knew the saying, “You had better master money or money will master you”. Jesus never asked anybody “How much do you pray?” But he sat down where he could observe how much money they gave to God. He knew that said a lot about their souls, their priorities, their hearts – and their love. It said what part God played in their lives too. Yes, he actually watched to see how much they gave – it was no secret envelope system. And there were big trumpet-shaped funnels on top of the treasury so that when people put their coins in, it rattled as they spun their way down into the box! And everyone could hear the noise – the louder the noise the more they were giving – to God. Few things express our love to God more than the money we put aside for him.

Christian disciples have to understand that money is important to God and what they give to him is a component f their discipleship to Jesus. Giving is far more than chipping in to help the church budget – it’s how much you love Jesus .


Lord, help me to express my love to you in every way I can.

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