“After this, nobody dared to ask Jesus any more questions”.

Mk 12:34 GNB

Most good teachers encourage their pupils to ask questions. “If there is anything you don’t understand, ask me; and if you still don’t understand, then ask me again”, said one very fine teacher. Such a teaching principle requires much patience on the part of the teacher and persistence by the pupils.

People did ask Jesus questions, but not about academic subjects. They questioned him about the religion of the day and it is clear that the teachers of religion (the scribes) often confused their people. When the people asked Jesus questions, he answered them clearly, simply, and honestly. Jesus gave people the distinct impression that he knew what he was talking about. But Jesus understood much more about God than the normal teachers, and it was God the people wanted to know about. And they not only wanted to know about God. They wanted to know God himself. And Jesus did know God.

The Christian faith is a fascinating subject. It raises many questions in people’s minds and poses many problems. People can sit and talk and argue about it for hours! And they do. Jesus wanted to do more than just answer questions about religion. He wanted the people to know the God of the religion in such a way that he became a powerful force in their hearts and lives.

Make sure that your faith isn’t just head-knowledge that informs your intellect. Ensure that you know Jesus and that you keep on renewing your acquaintance with him. Cultivate your daily walk with Jesus by reading the bible and spending time in prayer. Don’t avoid the tricky questions – get answers that help you. But stick close to him. Now and always.


Lord, help me to learn and grow in my faith in Jesus.

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