“Let no one on the housetop go down or enter the house to take anything out”.

Mk 13:15 NIV

We no longer live in the tense anticipation that the end of the world is about to happen. We have heard plenty of calculations from people who have scoured their Bibles and then calculated a date that they have assured us is the day when Christ will return. They have all been proved wrong and consequently many sincere disciples take such forecasts with a pinch of salt. The overall understanding of time in the Bible is that it is linear. That is, it moves on in a straight line and does not go round in ever repeating circles. One thing happens and when that is over history and time move on. That exact event does not happen again. Tomorrow is a new day. It has never happened before. Because the writers of the Bible saw that, they knew that some new intervention by God could happen on any day. In the New Testament they applied this expectation of newness to the question of the return of Jesus – it could happen any day. Theconsequence of this attitude was that they took time and innovation seriously. And since Jesus could return any day and the end of the world could happen soon it was important to be extra careful. They had to be for ever on their guard, not do anything foolish or that they might regret. The wisdom in this verse was Jesus saying – “Be always prepared for any eventuality.

Big trouble might catch you unawares. Trouble comes like a thief in the night and doesn’t give you time to get ready” We need to remember this today, to live cautiously, wisely and carefully, in Jesus’ name.


Lord, help me to be a wise steward of my time.

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