“Men will hand over their own brothers to be put to death, and fathers will do the same to their children. Children will turn against their parents and have them put to death”.

Mk 13:12 GNB

It is sometimes difficult to believe the enormity of the things that happen in this world. A man gets hold of a gun and shoots his whole family and then turns the gun on himself. Children in school attack their teacher. A mother takes her children and flies off to another part of the world whilst a legal wrangle with the father plays out in court. In Nigeria three hundred teenage girls are kidnapped and whisked away. Thousands trek through deserts to climb into overloaded boats to cross the Mediterranean Sea – fleeing to find a new life. Families are torn in two by different members following divergent political ideologies. Prisons are bulging at the seams with hardened criminals. Chaos and confusion seem to be the order of the day. The apocalyptic thinking of Christ’s day said chaos and confusion will precede the arrival of God on earth to sort out the shambles. In a warped sort of way, the apocalyptic teaching spoke of hope – God is about to call “Time” on the human madness.

Many people today like to speculate about the future using the apocalyptic ideas in the Bible. It can be quite a game – guessing what’s about to happen then fitting a Bible text onto it. The truth is that evil is afoot – with or without any apocalyptic proof texts. Chaos and confusion break out in many different ways. But faith keeps its two feet on the ground, knowing that God is on the throne and in his own time will bring calm and order.


Lord, bring peace, truth and hope in your good time.

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