“About that day or hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father”.

Mk 13:32 NIV

It is amazing how frequently would-be disciples go off the right track. Some people spend hours, days and weeks comparing verses in Daniel, Revelation, and the gospels in pursuit of one useless piece of information – the day of Christ’s return or the end of the world. This search “grabs” them. They abandon all other teachings of the Bible, and this search completely absorbs them, even consumes them. They just have to know the date and the hour. And they are convinced that it is hidden somewhere in the vast reservoir of the sacred pages. They not only scour the Bible itself. They consult secular histories and carefully examine the predictions that others have come up with – to find out where they have gone wrong.

It is a fruitless game that yields no result. If they do manage to concoct a date their answer is invariably wrong. Then they have to start again. If they publish the speculative result of their “research” and try to convince other people of the “truth”, in fact all they succeed in doing is to lead those others astray. Such games are a waste of time.

Here Jesus says clearly that no one knows the time – not even the Son, only the Father. There are much more important things to be doing – such as building people up in the faith, doing works of the kingdom, shepherding the flock, preaching the gospel, and promoting the work and witness of the church.

To mess around with the “date game” is a waste of time. Don’t do it and don’t fall for the nonsense of others’ games.


Lord, help me to concentrate on things that are important.

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