“Truly I tell you, this generation will certainly not pass away until all these things have happened”.

Mk 13:30 NIV

Many amazing things have happened in the lifetimes of many people alive today.  The most bloody war ever, (World War II) claimed sixty million lives.  The atom bomb was unleashed. The British Empire was dismantled. Antibiotics were discovered. Television spread throughout the world. Human beings landed on the moon. Computers were invented. So was the internet. We learnt how to bounce electronic signals off space satellites. And we transplanted hearts from one human being to another. So much has happened that not much startles us anymore. There has grown up a feeling that “we can do anything we want”.

The time in which Jesus lived was similarly a “busy” time. Roman rule stretched over much of the then known world. Greek culture had spread its influence far and wide. A new world faith had started (Christianity). Miracles of healing happened. So did a man being resurrected. There was a feeling that “just about anything could happen”. God had become incarnate. The apocalyptic ideas of the age led many people to expect many things – disasters, earthquakes, wars. It all suggested that the end of the world could be just around the corner. Certainly, God was very active – and very unpredictable. So Jesus built on this “spirit of the age” to warn his disciples that they had better be on their toes and be ready for anything.

We still need to be on our toes – to guard against the “false messiah” of science and any other usurper of God’s role as sovereign Lord God of the universe. Christian believers will still put their faith in Jesus Christ, knowing that nothing can ever replace him.


Lord, assert your sovereignty throughout your world.

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