“The large crowd listened to him with delight”.

Mk 12:37 NIV

Some teachers can amuse you whilst they inform you, but not many! Some people have recollections of long dreary hours in the school room trying to stay interested in some subject being taught by a not-too- dynamic teacher.

The people who listened to Jesus teaching in the temple precinct listened intently as he amazed them. He was completely different from the religious teachers of his day. They were talking about the law and the rules they had built up from the law of Moses which we call the Ten Commandments. Jesus talked in parables most of the time and everyone enjoys a story. They enjoyed the stories Jesus told. In fact, as we might say, “they lapped them up”. We must be glad that they did – it means they got written down and preserved for posterity. But it also meant that the people for whom Jesus was a real, live person heard them first hand, and it gave them a whole new perspective on God, the world and life. The main theme of Jesus’ teaching was “The Kingdom of God” and it challenged them to get their own devotion to God in order. It also stretched their thinking. The Kingdom of God had come, said Jesus, but it was also still going to come. It was a present reality and a future prospect of God’s working. That meant that God was someone more than a God who gave commandments centuries ago. This God was going to do things in the future that was coming and that was in God’s hands.

Pray for teachers who will inspire the disciples of Jesus to such an extent that they hunger for more.


Lord, raise up teachers who can
tell of your amazing kingdom.

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