“Now learn this lesson from the fig tree”.

Mk 13:28 NIV

If we are watching, and go on watching, and look deeply, we will in all probability start to see below the surface appearance of things. Eventually we may start to “tie up” different things, work out connections, and perceive the meaning of things. In referring to “the lesson of the fig tree” Jesus was challenging the disciples to “work things out”. The climate of apocalyptic thinking posed the conundrum of the future. It spoke of cataclysmic events, disasters, threats and dangers. But it pointed forward to the future and people are always fascinated by what might happen in the future which is so uncertain. And Jesus challenges us to live the present in the light of the future. “Written into the challengeto watch is the exhortation to perceive the meaning of things. Ordinary (and extraordinary) everyday events have an eternal significance, if only we can see it. The relationship of the destruction of Jerusalem to the final coming of Christ is a case in point. Jesus is hinting that everything that happens to us is projected onto the screen of eternity. We are becoming what we eternally shall be. Everything has a double point of reference – now and then. We are called to live the now in the light of the then. To live by this perspective is to be truly ‘broad-minded’” (D. English, The Message of Mark, p210).

If you believe in heaven as an eventual abiding place you will make decisions now that will tie in with that. Your ideas of heaven will partially influence what you do now. It is not only the past that influences the present. The future does too.


Lord, help me to shape my life by believing in your coming kingdom.

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