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“My sins have caught up with me … they are more than the hairs of my head”. 

Ps 40:12 GNB 
In human affairs the joker in the pack is always sin. Human weakness, greed, lust, pride, jealousy and vengefulness – these get in the way of happiness and peace. One or another of them “gums up the works” of most things we try to accomplish. 
Whether the poet who wrote Psalm 40 had really committed such a volume of sins, or whether he was overly conscious of what he believed to be the cause of his present calamity we do not know. Certainly he was experiencing guilt – that embarrassing sense of shame and wretchedness we feel when we know that our sins have caught up with us. To be exposed for doing wrong is a most unpleasant and shameful emotion. And it has a devastating effect on our actions and reasoning. We think up excuses – and usually blame other people when we know all the time that we ourselves are guilty. Another effect is that guilt makes us antagonistic towards other people and particularly to those whose presence condemns us and shows us up for the sinners we are. Guilt warps our thinking like nothing else does. The psalmist was thus very confused as he tried to cope with this latest problem. His culture told him that if he was ill he must have sinned and God was punishing him for those sins. 
If you have done something wrong have the courage and maturity to face up to it. Do not let guilt play havoc with your emotions and thoughts. Admit to God and others what you have done. Accept Christ’s forgiveness. Then leave it all behind and move on to wholeness and spiritual health. 

PRAYER THOUGHT Lord, help me to deal with all my guilt.

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