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“From the very beginning the Word was with God”. 

Jn 1:2 GNB 
It is little wonder that we get filled with wonder at the Christmas event! The invisible God becomes visible – in a human baby. The mystery of who God was and what he was like is now shown in something as normal and everyday as the birth of a child. 
There is much depth in the word “Word” as John uses it at the beginning of his gospel. It is doubtful if we can ever explain it fully. The Greek world used it in a philosophical sense to indicate the ruling principle of the universe. The Hebrews used it as well to give the sense of speech – for them God was a speaking God. John wanted to address people from both worlds because he was interpreting the meaning of Christ to non-Jew as well as Jew. 
In creation God expressed himself. That is what the Word means. All people express themselves. They do it in what they say, what they do, what they make. And the more creative people are the better they express themselves. God expressed himself again and even more fully in the coming of Christ. The word “Word” can also mean “fundamental principle”. When at creation the world came into being its fundamental principle was God and God speaking – that is why Genesis says “God said ‘Let there be light’ and there was light”. Now in the birth of Jesus we see a new and deeper meaning to the idea of the fundamental principle of the universe – it’s the man who came at Bethlehem. 
Christmas means that God, the fundamental principle of all things, is available to human beings – available, understandable, and vulnerable. Wonder of wonders! 

PRAYER THOUGHT Lord, help me to understand the mystery that is Jesus.

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