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“Come quickly to help me, O Lord my Saviour”. 
Ps 38:22 NIV 

Modern life is lived in a rush. While today is the first day of the year, it won’t be long before most of us will be saying, “My, but this year’s flying by”. However, for someone in acute distress time doesn’t fly – it drags. Not only does a year drag – so does a day. And a person really under the whip will wonder each day how they will get through till nightfall. 
The writer of Psalm 38 was having a terrible time of it. His friends had deserted him. Enemies were making life unbearable. Illness was destroying him. He felt lonely, abandoned, and desperate. He knew that only God could help him. But it seemed that God was in no hurry to do so. So he asked God to “Please Lord, step on the gas a bit”. He knew that God was his Saviour and, despite his parlous position, he still trusted in God. God just had to help him. 
Whatever your position, look to the Lord for your help, today and throughout the year ahead. Even if you are a strong, self-confident person, don’t think that everything will always go your way. Whilst you may be riding the crest of a wave now, things can change quickly. Always make a habit of developing and building up your faith in good times – with thanksgiving, with praise and with prayer. Then if evil or misfortune strikes, you will be better prepared for it. Remember that material success is not a sign of a strong faith, or of a reward from God. Nor is misfortune a punishment from God. Illness does not mean that God has abandoned you. Walk with Christ whatever the circumstance. 

Lord, always be my helper and Saviour.

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