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Victims of violent attacks – 23rd March 2017

I pray today Lord for people who are the victims of violent attacks and assaults. Help them to recover quickly from their injuries and shock. Help them to return speedily to their normal activities and associations. Strengthen them as they try to come to terms with their anger towards those who attacked them. I ask it in Jesus’ name. – AMEN.

Rescue workers – 22nd March 2017

I pray today Lord, for rescue workers and ambulance drivers who will have to go in to road crash situations. Where the smash is a really awful mess give them courage and enable them to keep cool, calm and collected. Help them to be respectful of human life and sensitivities, and caring towards victims’ relations. In Christ’s name I ask. – AMEN.

Severe illnesses – 21st March 2017

I pray today Lord, for those parents who have small children with severe illnesses or handicaps. However anxious they may feel, help them to believe in the doctors who are working with their children. Help them to trust you as well and deepen their faith through the crisis they are going through. I ask it in Christ’s name. – AMEN.

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“Praise God! God bless him who comes in the name of the Lord! God bless the coming Kingdom of King David, our father! Praise God”.

Mk 11:9, 10 GNB

When Jesus came in Israel the Romans were in control. In those days empires came and went in steady succession. The Israelites had only been free from foreign domination for a short period in the previous thousand years. At one point they had reluctantly decided to have a king – but he was understood as being under the sovereignty of God. Their faith in God led them to this belief. But always their God was over – not alongside – their king, when they had one. Even their greatest king, David, was still subordinate to God. And ultimately, the foreign Emperors were subject to Jehovah-God. The Passover was a great nationalistic feast, in which the Jews celebrated their escape from Egypt. By his triumphal entry Jesus was in all probability telling the crowd in Jerusalem that they needed to bow to the real king of Israel – Almighty God himself, and not to forget to whom they really belonged.

Christian believers always need to remind themselves that the secular rulers – kings, presidents and prime ministers – of the day are only subordinate to the Lord God Almighty and to give them only so much obeisance, never total allegiance. Christian believers will bear in mind that secular rulers – however capable – are all sinners. As such they are accountable to God and will, sometime, be called to account by God himself. Most of them are unaware of this dimension of their status. Indeed, some strut the earthly stage as if they are God almighty with fatal results to their citizens and society at large.


Lord, bless and help all earthly rulers.

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