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Stopped believing – 11th June 2016

Lord, I pray today for those people who once were disciples of yours but have now stopped believing. Grant that someone who knows them may come alongside them and enable them to seek a new way forward, pointing them to you. May they pierce beyond the intellectual problems and meet Jesus as a person. Through Christ.  AMEN

Struggling to overcome situations – 10th June 2016

Lord, I pray for people who are struggling to overcome situations which have held them back. I pray for released prisoners trying to find their way again and to secure employment and acceptance in society, for those recovering from addiction, and those recovering from serious injury. Help them all. I ask it in Jesus Christ’s name.  AMEN

Recovering from illness – 9th June 2016

Lord, I pray for people who are recovering from illness today. Help them to be diligent in taking whatever medicine may have been prescribed, to do whatever exercise may have been recommended, and to report back to their doctor at whatever time he may have asked. Help them to be positive and to look forward. In Christ’s name. AMEN

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“Above his head they placed the written charge against him THIS IS JESUS, THE KING OF THE JEWS”.

Matt 27:37 NIV

On this Good Friday we ask the question, “Has the death of one man ever had such a profound effect on world history as the crucifixion of Jesus had? World leaders have come and had their day and then have been consigned to the pages of history books. Julius Caesar and Alexander the Great were towering figures in their day. Napoleon was a colossus in his time. Some of the leaders were heroes. Some had “feet of clay”. Some were villains – Adolf Hitler being the most notorious. Do any compare in present reflection with the humble carpenter of Nazareth, Jesus Christ?

Pontius Pilate ordered the title that was affixed to the cross. But Jesus Christ was not the King of the Jews at all. This misperception indicates how biased and uninformed such powerful people can be. It also shows how disregarding powerful political leaders can be with regard to matters of justice. The Jewish leaders, furthermore, conspired to discredit and defame Jesus. They were theologians – and their role in the murky proceedings shows how warped and plain wrong religious leaders can be. Sin lurks everywhere and clogs the proper procedures of society.

Christian believers need to view their own civil and judicious leaders with care and circumspection and not swallow any and every decision they make. And believers will also be cautious how they regard the pronouncements of church leaders since they too can be misled by their own preferences and prejudices.

On Good Friday we reflect that it was the sins of ordinary people like ourselves that put Jesus on the cross. In penitence we confess, “Lord, have mercy”.


Lord, thank you for the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross.

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