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Repetitive jobs – 12th May 2016

I pray today Lord, for those who work in monotonous and repetitive jobs. Enable them to look forward to the just reward for their toil and never to lose sight of the part their labour contributes to the good of society. Help them to enjoy their leisure time and to find hobbies that are creative and meaningful. I ask it in Christ’s name.  AMEN

Bedridden – 11th May 2016

I pray for those people who are going to find the hours of this day hanging heavily on their hands. Bless those who have been bedridden for a long time. Help them in their feeling of dependence and helplessness, and guard them from becoming bitter or crotchety. Show those who can do something useful what to do. In Christ.  AMEN

Retelling Gossip – 10th May 2016

Lord, forgive me for passing on bad things I hear about other people. I seem unable to resist hearing and then retelling gossip. Help me to see things that are good in others and to pass on those things. Give me a deaf ear to all the malice and bitterness, the pettiness and sarcasm. Fill me with a love like Christ’s. In his name I ask it. AMEN

Daily Devotion



“God created man in his own image,… male and female he created them”.

Gen 1:27 NIV

God intended and created sexuality, and he regards it as sacred, “what is the place of sex? God intends, as the story of Eve’s creation from Adam shows, that the ‘one flesh’ experience should be an expression and a heightening of the partners’ sense that, being given to each other, they now belong together, each needing the other for completion and wholeness (see Genesis 2:18 -24). This is the ‘love’ that committed couples are to ‘make’ when they mate. Children are born from their relationship, but this is secondary; what is basic is the enriching of the couple’s relationship itself through their repeated ‘knowing’ of each other as persons who belong to each other exclusively. So the place for sex is the place of lifelong, mutual fidelity – i.e., marriage, where sexual experience grows richer as the couple experiences more and more of each other’s loving faithfulness in the total relationship.

It follows that casual sex outside marriage (called ‘adultery’ if either partner is married, ‘fornication’ if not) cannot fulfil God’s ideal, for it lacks the context of pledged fidelity. In casual sex a man does not strictly love a woman, but uses her (however willing she may be) (J. I. Packer, Keeping the Ten Commandments, p84, 85).

The attitude of the Bible is that “sex is for fully and permanently committed relationships that, by being the blend of affection, loyalty, and biology … prepare us for and help us into a unity with God, which is ‘an ecstasy of love, and delight compared with which the most rapturous love between a man and a woman on this earth is mere milk and water’” (C.S. Lewis) (J.I. Packer, p86).


Lord help me to love and be loved fully and completely.

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