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Plan my time – 15th March 2016

Lord, help me today to “fill the unforgiving minute with sixty seconds worth of distance run”. Help me to plan my time, use it creatively and achieve the things that lie before me. Let me never be idle but come to my bed-time having lived a useful day. I ask it in Christ’s name.  AMEN

Humble and gracious – 14th March 2016

Lord, help me to “meet with triumph and disaster and treat those two impostors just the same”. I want to be a winner all the time. When I do win make me humble and gracious. When I lose, as sometimes I do, help me to put it behind me and move on cheerfully. In Christ’s name.  AMEN

Catherine of Siena – 13th March 2016

O eternal and glorious Trinity, deeper than the deepest sea, and the abyss of love for whom I thirst and long; let me for ever desire your light, for ever seek your face, and for ever wrap myself in the robe of your majesty and Godhead; world without end.  AMEN. (Catherine of Siena, 1347-80).

Daily Devotion



“Do not steal”.

Ex 20:15 GNB

The commandment to refrain from stealing is probably one that the majority of Christian believers feel is superfluous. We would never dream of stealing.

“There is, for instance, theft of time, perhaps the most common form of theft today. Employees contract to do so many hours’ work for so much pay and fail to do it. We start late, finish early, stretch coffee, lunch and tea breaks, and waste time in between. This is theft” (J.I. Packer, Keeping the Ten Commandments, p91). An even more common form of stealing employers’ time is the widespread practice of making and receiving telephone calls during working time. Many employees spend long periods talking to family members on their cell (i.e. mobile) phones. One call might only be a few minutes, but half a dozen calls in one day can add up to a significant period of time – for which the employer is paying!

“It is theft too when a tradesman fails to give value for money. The Old Testament damns false weights and measures; the modern equivalent is overpricing goods and services, cashing in on another’s need. Profiteering and all forms of overcharging are theft.

Again, it is theft when debts are left unpaid, thus robbing the person owed of the use of money to which he is morally entitled. Letting debts hang on is a way of life for some, but the Bible condemns it. ‘Owe no one anything, except to love each other’, says Paul (Romans 13:8) If we really love our neighbour, we shall not try to postpone paying him.

Finally, it is theft to steal a reputation, destroying someone’s credibility by malicious gossip behind his back” (J.I. Packer, p91, 92).

Be careful to think through these and other forms of stealing.


Lord, help me to resist all forms of temptation to steal.

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