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Forgiveness – 7th March 2016

Lord, I ask today that you will help me to forgive other people who have hurt me. Forgive me for harbouring the resentments I still feel and for dwelling on the desire to get even with them. Help me to put it all behind me and to move on. Thank you Jesus. I ask it in your name. AMEN

Worship – 6th March 2016

Lord, this is your day – the day of worship, joy and celebration of your resurrection. Through the worship of your people throughout the globe build up your disciples in faith, increase their love for you and each other and strengthen their hold on you. I ask this in Christ’s name. AMEN

Positive outlook – 5th March 2016

Lord, forgive me for the nasty habit I have got into of looking down on other people – those who are poorer than I am, those who have other views on life, those of other races and religions. Help me to think more positively and to treat them as your children. In Christ’s name I ask. AMEN

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“I was glad when Stephanas, Fortunatus and Achaicus arrived, because they have supplied what was lacking from you ”.

1 Cor 16:17 NIV

Most people like to receive visitors. Some make us happy when they come. Others make us happy when they go! We are eager to hear news that the visitors bring us. We in our turn tell the visitors what our news is. We talk about health, family events, the progress of children, “hatches, matches and despatches”. And when they are church friends we exchange news and information about the church fellowship – “The minister’s been ill, the congregations are up, the collections are down. The prayer meet- ing is sometimes up – but nothing like it should be. The people who argued for the prayer meeting to be held never come themselves”.

Obviously Stephanas, Fortunatus, and Achaicus were trusty friends and leaders in Corinth. Probably they brought news of the easing of tensions between the different factions? Maybe other church problems about which Paul had written were discussed and progress reported. And, no doubt they wanted to know how Paul was sorting out the problems he had been having in Ephesus? Had he heard any up-to-date news of the “mother church” in Jerusalem? Were people coming to his lunch-time lectures in Ephesus? Should they consider starting some in Corinth – or wait till he got there? And doubtless there were some disciplinary issues to work through as fellow-workers together? Maybe Paul had some writings he was busy with and would he get the people in other churches to make copies of his letters and send them to Corinth so that they could study them as well. What could they do to enable Christ to be more obviously present and at work in Corinth?


Lord, help us to fulfil our calling as a global band of Christians.

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