Road accidents – 22nd January 2019

I pray, Lord, for all who will be hurt in road accidents today. Help the rescue services to be prompt in getting to them and skilled in treating them. Protect them from serious injuries and enable them to recover well and quickly. Give them hope and trust. I ask in Jesus – AMEN.

School Teachers – 21st January 2019

I pray today Lord for new schoolteachers who are facing classes of children for the first time this new term. Help them to be confident and to inspire confidence in their children. Help them to overcome any feelings of nervousness and to be strong. I ask it in Christ’s name – AMEN.

Worship – 20th January 2019

It’s time Lord for worship. Help all people leading worship today to make it a time for worshippers to encounter God and to meet with Jesus Christ. Make the worship refreshing, challenging, inspiring and helpful. Let the music blend in with theme of the worship. ln Jesus’ name – AMEN.

Support groups – 19th January 2019

I pray today Lord, for those people who constitute support groups for families where there is addiction to alcohol and drugs. Help them to embrace and care for those family members who strive to know what to do and the best way to do it. I ask it in Christ’s name – AMEN.

Family circle – 18th January 2019

Lord, I pray today for the members of my family circle. Bless each one according to their need. Lift up those who are down, struggling, or depressed. Support those who have had a raw deal from life and who carry scars. Make them strong in Christ. I ask in his name – AMEN.

Depression – 17th January 2019

Lord, bless today all those people who are struggling with depression, despondency, and despair. Let them know that honouring you can give them hope and purpose, energy and determination, meaning and joy. Let them not give in or give up. I ask it Jesus Christ’s name – AMEN.

Power station workers – 16th January 2019

I pray today Lord for all the unseen and unnamed people who work in the power stations of our country. Help them to do their work in the consciousness that they are serving their fellows. Prompt them to work with responsibility. ln the name of Jesus, the light of the world – AMEN.