Natural disasters – 26th April 2019

Lord, I pray today for people whose lives have been devastated by natural disasters like hurricanes, earthquakes, floods and storms. Speed assistance to them. Help them to know that life still holds a future for them and that they can and must move forward. Help them overcome grief where they have lost loved ones. In Christ’s name – AMEN

Loyalty – 25th April 2019

Lord, make me loyal to you in all things. As I have promised my love and devotion to you, grant me never to waver in my commitment. Even when all people seem to deny you, help me never to stoop to compromise. Help me to “talk you up” and to live in such a way that other people will want to know and love you. In Christ I ask it – AMEN

Proclaiming Jesus as Lord – 24th April 2019

Lord, let worship throughout the world today uphold and proclaim Jesus as Lord and Saviour. May the Bible be expounded with passion and skill by those charged to preach. May those who are lost be found, those who are sad be comforted, and those who are doubting be reassured in their faith. May hope increase. In Christ I ask it – AMEN

Depression – 23rd April 2019

I pray today Lord, for people who are suffering from depression. Help them to hold on in the darkness and the seemingly endless emptiness. Give them things to do that will keep their minds focussed on something outside of themselves and their little world. Let them know that you always love and cherish them. I ask it in Jesus’ name – AMEN

Handicapped children – 22nd April 2019

Lord, I pray today for the families who have children who are handicapped in any way. Help the parents to be especially strong and deeply caring as they try to live with all the trying consequences of their unwanted situation. Give them courage and perseverance, endurance and faith in yourself. I ask it in Christ’s name – AMEN

Easter Day – 21st April 2019

Lord God Almighty, praise be to you, and praise be to Jesus Christ that on this Easter Day you raised him from the dead and that now he is alive for evermore. Thank you that this is the gospel you have given us and it transforms our whole approach to life. Thank you that Jesus accompanies us throughout our whole journey. In Christ – AMEN

Homeless – 20th April 2019

Lord, I pray for those who have been left homeless as a result of floods or earthquakes. As they feel vulnerable and helpless before the devastating impact of nature’s power, remind them that you love them and that undergirding the whole of the physical universe is your love and warm embrace. I ask it in the name of Jesus Christ – AMEN