Time – 4th January 2016

Lord, help me to make good use of my time today. As the years of my life slip away, let your Spirit make me a good and faithful steward of the hours, the minutes and the seconds. Help me to be careful in the choice of how to spend the time and disciplined in the way I use it.  In Christ’s name I ask it.  AMEN.

Celebrating Birthdays – 3rd January 2016

Lord, I pray for all who celebrate their birthday today. Enable them to look back with gratitude on the good years that are past and to put their trust in you for all that lies ahead. Prompt them to count not just the candles on the cake, but the blessings they enjoy. In Christ’s name.  AMEN.

Moving Forward – 2nd January 2016

Lord God, I pray today for all who will find it particularly difficult to move forward this year because they no longer have their life’s partner with them. Give them courage to cherish the past and to know that you are especially near to them today. In Christ’s name. AMEN.

New Year’s Day 2016

Lord God, as I set out into another year, help me to move forward with courage, faith and hope. Help me to leave the past behind me, however precious some parts of it may be. Guide me in all things, especially in big decisions. Help me to depend on you in all things. I ask it in Christ’s name. AMEN.